Sun 19 Jul 2020 13:53

I hope all of you and your families have managed to keep well during this pandemic. I wrote to you all in early April, just after the Covid-19 lock-down had started and explained how we were managing the club to comply with the government restrictions and RFU requirements. We have now reached a point where the government is starting to relax some of its restrictions and I want now to update you and let you know what we plan to do as the gradual return to normality starts.



The club was closed, its temporary and permanent employees furloughed, and the Honorary Treasurer successfully applied for the government grant for small businesses. As a result, we are, at present, financially secure at least in the short term. We do not yet know when rugby will resume nor what level of activity can be sustained by the bar and general clubhouse, both of which have the potential to reduce our income, but we are in as good a position to weather a short term reduction in activity as could have been hoped for.



I am glad to see that you have returned to start training although we can currently only train under the restrictions defined as Level 2 by the RFU we are ready for the change to Level 3 when closer groups of players can start to cooperate during training.



The bar remains closed at present and the breweries are still not ready to resume delivery of kegs of beer. However, the end is in view as pubs and restaurants are now open again.

It is the intention of the Committee to hold a “Social Gathering” for all club members sometime around the end of July and early August. But this does require the supply of kegs of beer to have restarted and, as our initial appraisal shows that the club bar can only hold around 35 people under the 1m Plus Social Distancing Guideline, there will need to be some good weather. So please keep your fingers crossed. Whatever happens it is our intention to provide as much opportunity as possible for you to train and play rugby as the Covid-19 restrictions allow.


Your Support

I know you will give strong support to the club as you always do, please do support what social events can be arranged. Another very valuable contribution you can make now, if you are able to, is to pay, or start your monthly payments, for your membership. It will help us as we invest to make sure we are ready for your new season when it starts.

I hope you have found this update on our situation and our plans of interest an useful. I hope to see all of you at the Club soon. Please help us to help the club.



Shane Lewis

6 July 2020

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