Today we are #GettingToKnow former Frome RFC 1st XV Fly Half, Jamie McDonald.

When was your first XV debut? Back in 2000/01 I came on with 10 minutes left onto the wing and bagged a try (The game was dead and it was the equivalent to an open goal as there was a big overlap but I was still bricking it as the pass got looped out to me).

What has been your best Frome RFC moment? It’s hard to look beyond the final win on the Rec playing with so many good mates. I also loved 2nd team rugby, under Rog Gilson and later Jim Pearce. I had just started playing senior rugby. The ignorance of youth and the protection of some bloody big and mean team mates meant for some care free, ‘joue joue’ rugby. Off the pitch, I bloody loved that pub crawl Jon Whitcombe organised in the villages around Frome. But, being by Matty Warnock’s side for his big day celebrated at the club was the pinnacle.

What Netflix show do you binge or favourite TV show? The Last Dance was epic. Also just finished The Dawn Wall, check it out, fascinating!
What food is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate and Sweets. I’m addicted.

What is your prematch song? I was more of the silent contemplative type. Failing that option, anything by Lionel.

What advice would you give someone getting into rugby union? Firstly, congratulations you’ve made the right choice, you don’t want to be playing hockey. Terrible chat, awful banter and they can’t handle their drink. Invest in a good gumshield. Take the proper time to recover from injuries. There is no substitute for pace, do your sprint training, take it from me I’m bloody slow and it pains me. Always make friends with the barman!

Which player, past or present would you most like to play with? You can’t beat playing with your mates but I would have loved to play a few more times alongside Jon Clarke, not many Frome players have gone on to play in a Heineken Cup final. Plus, any of the numerous 7s over the years who would make all the tackles so I didn’t have too.

What hobby would you like to take up? I’ve just invested in a lockdown dart board. I’ve got the chassis for it these days. I’d love to find a hobby that made money, now that would be something.
Who is the funniest Frome RFC teammate? Bobby Lowe is blood good value.
What sport would you play if you weren’t a rugby player? Probably be in some C team playing football. Rugby is life.
Favourite film? The Big Short, Old School, Pulp Fiction. It’s a tough question, I’ve copped out and named 3.
How are you staying fit during isolation? Few 5ks, shuttles and weights in the garage. Healthy body healthy mind, super important during these times. I’m still in denial that my body has at least 1 more season in it. That’s keeping me going.

Who’s your sporting hero? BOD is GOD. I always admired Ronan O’Gara’s approach to tackling 😉

Do you have any prematch rituals or superstitions? I would always where my kit to the club so I could get out early to stretch, check the pitch and conditions. Kick a few restarts and touch finders.

What advice do you have for people during lockdown? Have a purpose. A positive approach and mentality is fundamental. See it as an opportunity.

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